• Dashi-maki Tamago (Rolled Omelet)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

    Japanese basic side dish is tamagoyaki (omelet). The soft and refined "dashi-maki-tamago" is good for Obento or serving to guests.

Dashi-maki Tamago (Rolled Omelet)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV
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Course Summary

Japanese basic side dish is tamagoyaki (omelet). The soft and refined 
"dashi-maki-tamago" is good for Obento or serving to guests. 
This time we show the way to make a soft-boiled dashi-maki-tamago 
with cling film. So you can make it without failing.
If you learn how to make it, you can change your table more colorful

The ingredients are eggs, soup stock, sake, sugar, salt, soy sauce, mirin.

✥Ingredients✥ for 4 servings
Egg: 4
Soup stock: 70cc
Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
Sake: 1 tablespoon
Mirin: 1 teaspoon
Sugar: 1 tablespoon
Soy sauce: 1/4 teaspoon 

✥Procedure✥(20 minutes)
[1]Wash the surface of eggs. 
Crack eggs into bowl. Add soup stock, sake, sugar, salt, soy sauce, and mirin. 
Mix and filter them through a colander.

[2]Prepare the kitchen paper soaked oil. 
Spread the oil with the paper evenly in a frying pan. 
Wet the towel beforehand.
Put the frying pan on the wet towel to uniform heating.
By doing so, eggs will not be burned.

[3]Pour the 2 ladle of the eggs. Popping bubble, 
stir them like describing a circle.
Keep them half cooked and pull them back.
In this way you make a central part of dashi-maki-tamago.

[4]Spread the oil in the empty space of the frying pan. 
Pour the 1 ladle of eggs again and wind the eggs onto the central part.

[5]Repeat this process until all eggs will be poured. Make a form like a stick.

[6]Cover the kitchen paper with cling film and put the cooked egg.

[7]Pull the both sides of wraps to the center. Roll them with paper and cling film.

[8]When it becomes cool, cut it into 3 cm wide and dish them up.

✍You can enjoy forming by molds; 
heart-shaped or some animated character's shape,
because it is still half cooked.
It is very soft by remaining heat, so anyone can cook it well.
Please try to make it for Obento or serving to guests.

Japanese traditional cuisine expert Ryoko Mori(by SOLERA Ginza)
For "the quality of life", the delights of Japanese cuisine
Cooking for Japanese beauty 

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