• Easy Miso with okara and soy milk✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

    Miso of fermented rice seasonings is a representative of Japanese foods.

Easy Miso with okara and soy milk✿Japanese Food Recipes TV
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Course Summary

Miso of fermented rice seasonings is a representative of Japanese foods.
Normally, you should soak the soybeans since the day before and boil and crush them. 
That is time-consuming work, but here we show the easy way to make Miso with okara and soy milk. Prepare them before summer and, in 2 to 6 months you can enjoy the various flavors depending on fermentation degree.
As your special seasoning, please try to make easy Miso without using fire.

The ingredients are malt, Okara, soy milk, and salt. 

✥Ingredients✥ for 1kg
Malt(wheat malt, rice-malt): 500g
Okara(bean curd lees): 250g
Soy milk: 180cc
Salt: 100g

✥Procedure✥(30 minutes)
[1]In a big bowl, crumb the rice-malt with palm completely.

[2]Crumb it until it will not be powdery and become tender.

[3]Add salt and knead it more.

[4]Add Okara and mix it sufficiently. When it tenders, add soy milk and knead them together.

[5]Removing air, make them into 5-6 balls.

[6]Throw it in a container by removing air.

[7]Add salt over the surface and wrap it with cling film. Seal it and put a weight on it.

[8]Check it once in a month, whether the mold grows or not. Keep it at a normal temperature for 2-6 months.

✍Please extract it quietly without stirring not to make turbid. 
The clear soup stock makes any dishes fresh flavor.

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