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    If there are no Rice, some Japanese choose Udon. You can buy boiled Udon in the supermarket and cook a dish quickly.

How to boil Udon✿Japanese Food Recipes TV
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Course Summary

If there are no Rice, some Japanese choose Udon. You can buy boiled Udon in the supermarket and cook a dish quickly. That is the reason why Udon is so popular. You can enjoy orthodox Udon with Dashi soy sauce. Curry Udon and meat Udon can be a main dish. 

The ingredients are dried Udon.

✥Ingredients✥ for 4 servings
Dried Udon: 300g
Water: liberal amount

✥Procedure✥(15 minutes)
[1]Boil much of water at high heat and add Udon.

[2]In a minute the noodles begin to float, loosen the noodles with chopsticks briefly.

[3]When it begins to be boiled again, loosen the noodles again. Keep them boiling at middle heat to move the noodles for time written in the package.

[4]If you finish boiling, soak them in water to remove the slimy texture on the surface. Wash them by rubbing. By repeating this process to rub for 3-4 times, it becomes good palate feeling with smoothness through the throat.

[5]After this process, you can eat them as several styles to eat like a Zaru-Udon.

✍When you eat warm Udon, wash the Udon by rubbing with water. By doing so, the slimy texture is removed and the soup will not be muddy. When you freeze the boiled noodle, you can make Udon so quickly and conveniently.

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