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    Miso ball is used as a refined sweet miso. When you spread miso ball with vinegar, it becomes "vinegared miso".

Miso ball✿Japanese Food Recipes TV
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Course Summary

Miso ball is used as a refined sweet miso. When you spread miso ball with vinegar, it becomes "vinegared miso". When you spread it with vinegar and karashi (Japanese mustard), it becomes "vinegared miso with karashi". In spring, trees bud goes well with "vinegared miso" or "vinegared miso with karashi". In summer "green Yuzu", "Kabosu", and "Sudachi", and in winter "Yuzu" are better. 
You can enjoy it with seasonal foods and widen your repertoire of cooking.

The ingredients are Saikyo white miso(made in west-Japan), egg, egg yolk, sake, sugar.

✥Ingredients✥ the amount you can make it easier.
Saikyo white miso(made in west-Japan): 250g
Egg: 1
Egg yolk: 2
Sake: 70ml
Sugar: 50g

✥Procedure✥(20 minutes)
[1]Add all ingredients except miso in a bowl and mix them well.

[2]Add miso in a pot and add the mixed ingredients. Turn on the fire.

[3]Turn heat lower. To avoid scorching, knead them for 7 or 8 minutes till they become soft.

[4]Knead them till it becomes so hard that you can see the bottom of pot when mixing it.

[5]After it becomes hard, let it cool, and put it in a container and keep it.

✍Please definitely keep them in a refrigerator. Use them up for 2 weeks. 
You can also subdivided them and keep it in a freezer. That is also useful.

Japanese traditional cuisine expert Ryoko Mori(by SOLERA Ginza)
For "the quality of life", the delights of Japanese cuisine
Cooking for Japanese beauty 

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