• How to make handmade soba noodles

    Professional chef makes backwheat noodles from scratch

How to make handmade soba noodles
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Course Summary

Have you seen the pros make handmade noodles?

Seattle based chef Soma shows you how to make her signature handmade soba noodles!


シアトルで手打ちそばと天ぷらをメインにした人気レストラン『Kamonegi』のオーナーシェフ、Mutsuko Soma氏が手打ちそばの作り方を披露します。


Target Audience

  • Japanese cusine fans
  • そばの作り方を英語で学びたい方

Course Curriculum

About Expert


Mutsuko Soma

Owner Chef at Kamonegi in Seattle



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