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About GoGetterz

“Go Getter” is someone who is energetic, determined to be successful and creates his or her own path to reach the goal.

The letter "Z" at the end, refers to the last letter of the alphabet - the “goal” of the alphabet.

We here at GoGetterz will provide our utmost support for all the “Go Getters” out there, wherever you may be, so that you can achieve the high goals that you have set for yourselves.

The letter “Z” symbolises the full commitment that we, at GoGetterz will provide you with till the very end of your journey.

GoGetterz is the place;

for those who want to develop a new skill for their current career.

for those who want to attain a qualification for a new career they are aiming for.

for those who want to sharpen their talents to be the world’s best.

for those who want to share their knowledge with those who are curious to learn it.

for those who want to pass on their skills with the whole world.

Here at GoGetterz, we create and continually develop an atmosphere that suits best to your learning style, and for you to attain your goals. We transform beginners into masters of any skill they embark on developing. We help you design your future.

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GoGetterz Vision

If I had the chance, I would like to start learning a new skill.

If I had the chance, I would like to begin what I have always wanted to do.

We have heard it all before, though with your busy day-to-daylife, those “chances” will never come.

Stop talking, and start walking. Stop wanting, and start learning.

This is what GoGetterz is here to help you do.

We, at GoGetterz are here to help you have more freedom when it comes to learning.

With GoGetterz, you can bring your classroom anywhere from cafes, to subway trains, to your own comfortable bedroom.

Be it for advancing your career; be it for your regional volunteer work; be it for your exciting hobbies;

GoGetterz is the platform that is suited best for you.

For anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We provide a learning experience tuned best to give you freedom in matching your lifestyle and goals.

GoGetterz is the place for those with burning passion to proactively pursue their learning interests;

as well as the place for those with deep passion in sharing their expert knowledge and skills to others.

This is the place for you to achieve your dreams.

We, at GoGetterz dream of building a world where those who wish to learn new knowledge are given the chance to learn it, and able to make learning a part of daily lifestyle.

GoGetterz Service Concept

“Goal Oriented Learning”. We, at GoGetterz believe that once one has a clear goal in mind, the road to reaching it will become visible naturally. With this, we have developed a unique learning platform that provides our members who have distinct goals with the most suitable path and process of attaining those goals.

Gogetterz Composite Learning Platform

We provide a composite learning platform which includes, in addition to the online “personal learning”, “meeting pr reverse learning “ as well as “peer learning”. For our “online courses”, the features which are included in our learning system are Video-on-demand, audio, presentation etc.; in addition to the tests and marking features that we provide.

GoGetterz Mentoring Function

For every course, there is the “classroom function” available. Experts (teachers) will be able to check up on the status of members as well as mark their drafted answers. Experts can also support the learning process of member by personally messaging via email to closely mentor their progress.

GoGetterz Course Recommendation Function

What is the best course for every member for them to reach the goals that each one of them have set? At GoGetterz’s top page, members can use the category search function to find the best learning category for them by keying in action words or key words that best suit what they are finding.

Based on keywords, GoGetterz will recommend courses which best suits each member’s wants and needs. Also, based on members’ goals as well as course history, GoGetterz will analyze and recommend new areas which may interest members.

Learning Curation Site: GoGetterz Voice

We at GoGetterz believe that learning is an inevitable part of everyday life. With that, we do our best to help produce a lifestyle centered around learning for our members. GoGetterz Voice is a column where we gather the latest news domestically and internationally, related to learning as well as introducing our GoGetterz experts. We fulfill the column with useful information concerning select courses by the GoGetterz editorial team, and also introduce the GoGetterz members.

Make your everyday richer by going to GoGetterz Voice. Get motivated.

With our aim of making this the curation site for learning, we do our best everyday!