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Immediately Useful! Japanese Business Etiquette

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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

マナーとは What are “etiquettes”?

Lesson 2

服装・身だしなみ Clothes and Appearance

Lesson 3

姿勢 Posture.

Lesson 4

表情 Facial Expressions

Lesson 5

あいさつ Greetings

Lesson 6

お辞儀 Bowing

Lesson 7

自己紹介 Self-introduction

Lesson 8

指示の受け方 The way to receive an instruction

Lesson 9

「ほうれんそう(報・連・相)」報告・連絡・相談 rep...

Lesson 10

電話応対 Answering phone calls

Lesson 11

訪問準備 Visit Preparations

Lesson 12

訪問 Visit

Course Overview



The basic knowledge of Japanese business etiquette for those who work for or do business with a Japanese company.

It is recommended to those who will work for or do business with a Japanese company or a Japanese-affiliated enterprise to watch this course. You will be able to learn how to bow, exchange your business card, communicate with your superiors, take a seat at a meeting room and how to receive a drink from another person.
This material is helpful for those who do not have confidence in whether to put business manners into practice in daily life. It is also helpful to review because it includes general business manners. 
Let's communicate with others smoothly by acquiring the Japanese business manners with this material.



  • 特にありません。
  • No previous knowledge is necessary.

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