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Introduction to Decision Making

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- The power of Decision Making. - Introduction to Decision Making. - Elements of Decision Making. - Challenges of Decision Making.

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Course Overview

This course focuses on improving one's decision-making skills and helping them perform better at personal and professional lives.


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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

Duration: 01:06

Power of Decision Making

Lesson 2

Duration: 01:19

Introduction to Decision Making

Lesson 3

Duration: 00:56

Elements of Decision Making

Lesson 4

Duration: 00:48

Challenges of Decision Making

About Expert - GoGetterz India

GoGetterz India believes that there is an entrepreneur in every single one of us. No matter what your core strength or your field is, you are constantly making decisions to maximize your professional and personal efficiency and that is exactly what an entrepreneur does. We help you structure and channel this abstract feeling. So, whether you have decided to take the plunge or if you are still contemplating looking over the edge, we are your one-stop destination when it comes to entrepreneurship. If you are reading this, you already are a GoGetter. You already have a relentless bug in your mind which keeps you awake late at night. This bug is exactly what’s pushing you towards the journey of realizing your dreams. We wish to tag along. GoGetterz India is a skill and knowledge-sharing platform conceptualized in Japan aimed solely at making your crazy bug even crazier. Our goal is to provide you with all business and startup related insights under one roof so that you can give clarity to your chaos. Take a step closer in identifying the GoGetter in you, with GoGetterz India.

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