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Katsuobushi contains many flavorful substances and is therefore used as one of the ingredients in the basic soup stock, dashi, to Japanese dishes.

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Katsuobushi is made from bonito. 
There are 2 types of Katsuobushi: arabushi, which is boiled and smoked; and karebushi, which is arabushi encrusted with mold and matured.
The price of karebushi is higher than arabushi due to its eztraprocessing. 
Arabushi is known for its strong fish taste, and karebushi is known for its mild taste through the maturing process.

Katsuobushi chunk is very hard, so it needs to be shaved by using a special tool used only for shaving it.

Today there are more people using packaged pre-shaved katsuobushi.
Katsuobushi is a dried food that can be stored for a long time, so many Japanese people keep it as a common household food.


作業工程が、多い分、枯節 の方が、値段が高いですが、
荒節は魚の味が強く、枯節 は熟成されている分、まろやかな味と言われています。



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