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Why don't you make easy Oshizushi with ordinary containers? The ingredients are rice, sushi-vinegar, smoked salmon, ponzu,

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Oshizushi(pressed sushi)

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Why don't you make easy Oshizushi with ordinary containers?

The ingredients are rice, sushi-vinegar, smoked salmon, ponzu, 
perilla leaf, cucumber, broccoli, tsukudani of kombu, egg, sake, sugar.

✥Ingredients✥ for 4 servings
Rice: 500g
Sushi-vinegar: 4-5 tablespoons
Smoked salmon: 4-5 slices
Ponzu: a few drops
Perilla leaf: 4-5 leaves
Cucumber: 1
Tsukudani of kombu (sold on the supermarket): dash

Scrambled eggs
Egg: 2
Sake: 1 teaspoon

When you make sushi-vinegar.
Vinegar: 6 tablespoons
Sugar: 1 and 1/2 of tablespoons
Sugar: 1 teaspoon

✥Procedure✥(40 minutes)
[1]Put the all ingredients of scrambled eggs in the small pot. 
Turn the heat and mix them quickly with 6 chopsticks.

[2]Add sushi-vinegar to warm rice. 
Fanning with Uchiwa, fold the sushi vinegar into the rice.

[3]Prepare molds like pound cakes or plastic container.
Spread the cling film and stuff the mold with scrambled eggs flatly.
Stuff the mold with the half of vinegared rice and tsukudani of kombu.

[4]Stuff the mold with the remained vinegared rice and wrap it. 
Press it tight to bring out its flavor.

[5]Removing air, make them into 5-6 balls.
Stuff another mold with smoked salmons and perilla leaves in order. 
Stuff the mold with the half of vinegared rice in the same way. 
Put perilla leaves on the stuffed vinegared rice.

[6]Stuff the mold with the remained vinegared rice. 
Press it tight and cut it into proper sizes for ease of eating.

✍You can make Oshizushi beautifully without bamboo mat. 
The rice makes people feeling of fullness. 
When you set Oshizushi with Temari-zushi or Inari-zushi on the table, 
it will be also good for home party or serving to guests.

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