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I want to put my yukata on my daughter and friends! How to dress yukata and tie

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We will teach you how to wear yukata and obi knot so that you can wear it for the first time.

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  • ゆかた
  • 浴衣用肌着
  • 和服専用の肌着
  • 腰紐(こしひも)
  • 伊達締め

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Duration: 07:09


Lesson 2

Duration: 07:09


About Expert - ハクビ京都きもの学院-39

Hakubi Kyoto Kimono institute is found in 1969. As a most traditional Kimono institute we have continued to advance dressing skills. It hones your skills from a beginner to an experienced dresser. And you can learn this skill easily while having fun. Kimono wearing skills can serve you for life. You can become a teacher at Hakubi institute, work at Kimono shop and be a professional Kimono coordinator. Hakubi helps you to find employment. You can visit us anytime, for examples while returning home. You can start without requiring anything, as we will lend you with Kimono, Obi and all the accessories for free.




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