What kind of service is GoGetterz?

GoGetterz is an online learning service that hosts and delivers educational content to its users. The educational content is primarliy created and uploaded by individuals that have expertise in their respective fields. This content is then offered and delivered to thousands of users that use GoGetterz to gain new knowledge and achieve their goals.

Teaching and learning online provides the flexibility to use the service to teach or learn at anytime and anywhere. GoGetterz provides an extensive dashboard for both learners and experts to manage their courses, communications, and performance. In addition to the online learning platform, GoGetterz also faciliates seminars and events to provide a more intimate learning environment for experts and learners.

For businesses interested in enhancing your staff skill sets and corporate presence online, please get in touch with us!

What can I learn on GoGetterz?

GoGetterz offers a variety of learning areas such as business skills, languages, qualifications, and creative skills. GoGetterz also hosts unique courses not found at general schools and universities. Currently, more than 200 experts as well as 1,500+ courses have been published on our platform (as of March 2019). Browse around and find the course that best fits your interests!

How can I join GoGetterz?

You can sign-up to GoGetterz by using your email address, or simply use your Facebook or Twitter account.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no membership registration or annual fee. Some courses or events do have a fee. However, there are many free courses on GoGetterz that are available to all members!

How can I stop receiving the GoGetterz newsletters to my email address?

Please contact us on or on the Contact Us page to have your email address removed from our email newsletter. Please include the email address you would like removed. Some user activity emails (such as password reset or course purchases) will continue. To remove emails regarding notifications or messages, please uncheck the email option in your Dashboard in the Notifications or Messages tab.

How do I quit GoGetterz as a member?

Please contact us on or on the Contact Us page to request membership removal. Please incluse your email address so that we can identfiy the correct membership account to remove.

Can anyone be an expert?

If you submit the required documents from the expert registration page and get approval, you can work as an expert.

Yes, simply click on "Be An Expert" button in your Profile tab of your Dashboard and fill out the Expert Application. After your application is completed and approved, you can begin uploading your own elearning courses and also have access to new Dashboard functionalities for experts.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

On the login screen, enter your email address and click on "Forgot password". You will receive an email to reset your password. If you still cannot access your account, please get in touch with us at

How do I change my password?

To change your password, it is the same process as resetting your password. Please go to the Login screen, enter your email address and click on "Forgot password". You will receive an email to reset your password. We use the email method to change your password to add an extra layer of security with your account.

I am having trouble logging-in to my account. How do I resolve this?

Please confirm your email address and password again. If the problem persists, please get in touch with us at and we will assist you in getting this issue resolved.

How do I enroll in a course?

After logging-in to GoGetterz, from the Course Page, simply click on Start Course to get started. If the course has a fee, then you will first be directed to the payment screen, then to your course learning page.

Which payment methods are accepted on GoGetterz?

We accept credit / debit cards.

My coupon is not working. How do I fix it?

Please re-enter your coupon code to confirm. Also note that your coupon may have an expiration date. Please check that the coupon has not expired and is still valid. For any persisting issues, please get in touch with us at

How can I use my points?

During check-out, you can use your points to discount the course or chapter fee. If you have enough points, you can also use your points to make the purchase. Earn more points by having your friends sign-up with GoGetterz using your referral code (listed in your Dashboard), leaving a course review, finishing a paid course or uploading your first Quick Lesson.

How can I use a coupon?

During check-out, you can use a coupon to discount the course fee. Follow us on Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, and YouTube to receive campaign coupons from time to time. Experts may also issue a coupon for their courses.

Can I use my points and a coupon together?

Yes, you can use your points with a coupon to receive a greater discount on any course purchases.

Can I use points or coupons be used in purchasing chapters?

Points and/or coupons can only be used for course purchases. We would like to motivate users to purchase an entire course by offering discounts from earned points or coupons.

If I have already purchased a course chapter, and then proceed to buy the rest of the course, will I receive credit for the purchased chapter?

Any purchased chapters of a course will be deducted from the total of the course fee when purchasing the remaining course. You can then use your points or a coupon to receive further discount on your course purchase.

What does a course consist of?

Courses consist of chapaters that contain lessons. Most course lessons contain a video that can be viewed in our course learning page. You may be required to watch lesson videos and/or download data files depending on the course. For example, a course for learning Microsoft Excel may provide an Excel sample file as a part of the course lesson.

The course lesson video is not working. How do I get this resolved?

Possible reasons that the online course videos are not loading may be due to your internet/network connection, network issues with GoGetterz's system, or errors with the video uploaded by experts.

  • Please try the following options to resolve this issue:
  • If there are many browser tabs open, close all tabs except for the GoGetterz video page.
  • Please log out of GoGetterz and log in again. Updates to the server configuration may temporarily disable video playback.
  • Please update and restart your browser.
  • Please try to restart your router, if you are having trouble with your internet/network connection.
  • Restart your computer.

If the problem persists, please contact us on the "Contact Us" page or get in touch at Please provide some basic information about your usage environment, such as operating system, browser, etc.

How do I get the course material files?

In the course learning page, lessons with course material files (e.g. PDF documents, Excel files, etc.) will be available near the bottom of the page under the "DOWNLOAD LESSON MATERIAL" section. Simple click on the file name and the file download should start. If you have any issues with the files not downloading, please first check that your internet/network connection is working. If the downloading issues persists, please get in touch with us at

Can I contact an expert directly?

If you are enrolled in a course, you can contact the course expert in the course learning page. There is a "Contact Expert" button that will allow you to send a message to the expert.

What are you regular support hours?

Support hours are 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays.

Who can upload a Quick Lesson video?

Anyone can upload a Quick Lesson video. Simply go to your Dashboard and to the Quick Lessons tab to get started.

How do I upload a Quick Lesson video?

From your Dashboard, go to the Quick Lessons tab and click on the "Create Quick Lesson" button. Fill out the necessary fields to get your lesson video uploaded. Please keep in mind that all Quick Lesson videos need to be 60 seconds or less in length.

How do I upload a course?

First users need to apply to become an Expert. Simply fill out the Expert application form from the Profile section of your Dashboard. After getting approved as an Expert, go the the "Course Management" tab in your Dashboard. There, you can upload course videos and material, set titles and descriptions and finally submit your course for site upload.











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退会方法は、support @ gogetterz.comまたは「お問い合わせ」から退会理由を添えて、退会希望の旨をご連絡ください。






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  • ハードウェアアクセラレーターをオフに設定してください。


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