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Our vision is to become a global center of education and empowerment through technology. GoGetterz gives people the tools to share their knowledge with others; in turn, empowering individuals to live their passions. Teach with GoGetterz and share your knowledge with the world!

Why Teach With GoGetterz

It's free

The tools available for our Experts are all FREE to use. These tools include Expert registration, course uploading and hosting, member progress, messaging, payment system, and course performance accounting.

Easy course uploading

Our streamlined uploading process makes uploading your videos and documents super easy. Just a few clicks away from sharing your knowledge with the world.

One-to-one support

GoGetterz provides one-to-one support to all of our Experts, whether you are an individual or a corporation. We are here to help you share your knowledge with the world.

Attractive commission rates

GoGetterz is committed to our mission of helping you empower individuals to live their passions - thus, we provide a commission split more attractive than any other e-learning platform. We want you to also be empowered and succeed.

How It Works

Getting started and set up is very straight forward. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

  1. Register

    Sign up and set up your Expert profile and account information.

  2. Upload

    Upload your course content through our easy-to-follow uploading process.

  3. Earn Money

    Share your Expert or Course pages with your network and earn money from enrollments.