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Asakusa Jinrikisha | 浅草人力車❖西下町コース❖えびす屋 雷門店【日本通TV】

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A tour around Asakusa (Kaminarimon, Temple street, Asakusa Hall, Denton) | 今回は、浅草の「西下町コース」を走行します。 (雷門~たぬき通り~浅草演芸ホール~伝法院)

Course Language: English

Course Overview

This video introduces the Japanese traditional rickshaw,
which is called "Jinrikisha". One of the charming points of a rickshaw drive is to have fun talking with the driver, as you can see in our video.

This time, our route took us through the West Down-Town in Asakusa, along the 
Kaminarimon, the Raccoon street, Asakusa Engei Hall and the Denpoin.

A Jinrikisha is a cart which is pulled by a human. It was used from the Meji period
until the beginning of the Showa period as a means of transportation.

Two exchange students decide to ride a rickshaw for the first time. They enjoy the many sights of Asakusa 
thanks to their friendly driver, who is, of course, fluent in English.

撮影協力:えびす屋 雷門店

In cooperation with Ebisuya, Kaminarimon branch

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

Duration: 10:42


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