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Business Japanese Course for Beginners(All 15 Lessons)

Course Fee : ¥9,600

「ビジネス日本語への道 初級編」(全15課)

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

あいさつ  Greetings

Lesson 2

さようなら  Good Bye!

Lesson 3

しばらくでした Long time no see!

Lesson 4

わたくしは、 トム・スミスです   I am Tom Smith.

Lesson 5

あなたは学生ですか。  Are you a student?

Lesson 6

あの人はだれですか   Who is that person?

Lesson 7

あのかたはどなたですか。   Who is that person?

Lesson 8

わたくしの車です   It is my car.

Lesson 9

田中さんは技師でした。   Mr. Tanaka was an engin...

Lesson 10

田中さんはいますか   Is Mr. Tanaka here?

Lesson 11

会社はどこにありますか   Where is the company?

Lesson 12

日本語を勉強しますか。  Do you study Japanese?

Lesson 13

電話番号は何番ですか。   What is your telephone...

Lesson 14

スミスさんに電話してください   Please give Ms....

Lesson 15

ABC商事です   This is ABC business company.

Course Overview

This course is a business Japanese language educational course for the foreigners thinking about working in Japan or in local Japanese companies. In order to work in Japan, clear business Japanese is required. Through this course, you can learn the useful business Japanese which helps you to build a good relationship with Japanese co-workers. By learning proper business Japanese, it helps you to master how to achieve good communication skills when working for a Japanese company. In this beginner course, you will learn some simple business Japanese expressions and practice conversation.

These teaching materials are useful for advancing your proficiency in Japanese language study, acquiring clear Japanese pronunciation, reviewing N5, N4 level Japanese as well as mastering elementary business Japanese.

This course’s teaching materials can be used for: Learners who already mastered N5,N4 level Japanese, learners who want to study business Japanese, and those taking the BJT.




■ By the end of the course, learners will be able to do the following things:

1. Be able to understand elementary business Japanese

2. Be able to have a conversation with simple business Japanese

3. Master clear Japanese pronunciation



1. 初級ビジネス日本語が理解できる

2. 簡単なビジネス日本語の会話ができる

3. 明瞭な日本語発音を身につける




  • Have learned the JLPT N5 level Japanese ability or intermediate Japanese.
  • N5レベルの日本語能力や初級日本語をすでに身につけること

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