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Kimpira sautéed Burdock is a dish mede from three different root vegetables.

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Kimpira Sautéed Burdock

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Kimpira sautéed Burdock is a dish mede from three different root vegetables.
It stands for one of the japanese dishes containing rich nutriments of root vegetrables. 

Ingredients:Burdock Carrot Lotus root White toasted sesame seeds
Soy sauce Sugar Sake Mirin Oil Sesame oil

✥Ingredients✥ for 4 servings
Carrot: 1/2
Lotus root: 1/2
Red pepper: 1 (or shichimi spice pepper)
Oil: 1 tablespoon
Sesame oil: 1/2 tablespoon
White toasted sesame seeds: 2 teaspoons
Combined seasoning
- soy sauce: 20cc
- sugar: 1 tablespoon
- sake: 20cc
- mirin: 20cc

✥Procedure✥(15 minutes)
[1]Cut the burdock and carrot into rectangles. Steep the burdock for some tens seconds

[2]Sliver the lotus root or cut into quarters.

[3]Pour oil into a big pan and heat it. Add red pepper, the burdock, carrots and lotus roots. 
Stir-fry them until they get dressed with the oil well.

[4]Pour 1/3 of the combined seasoning like drawing a circle from the outside into the center

[5]After draining, add half of the leftover seasoning likeweise and then stir-fry.

[6]Add the all seasoning. In this way, dresst the ingredients in three times.

[7]After draining comepletly, add sesame oil like drawing a circle.

[8]Sprinkle the white roasted sesame seeds, then it's done at last!!

✍Kinpira is a popular dish in daily meals or a lunch box.
It can get dressed well with seasonings by adding them in three times.
Besides by effectively using mixture of dashi stock and soy sauce, then we can make it much more easily.

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