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Miso soup with Tofu and wakame✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

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When people are asked "what do you associate with Japanese home-made foods?", every people will answer "Miso soup and rice".

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Miso soup with Tofu and wakame

Course Overview

When people are asked "what do you associate with Japanese home-made foods?", 
every people will answer "Miso soup and rice". 
Many Japanese think that delicious miso soup would make a dish better. 
Miso soup is made from some simple ingredients 
and you can make it in a short time. 
Miso soup also has high nutritional value, so please add Miso soup in your table.

The ingredients are tofu, wakame, leek, water, 
soup stock (available in the marketplace), and miso. 

✥Ingredients✥ for 4 servings
Tofu: 1/2 cake
Wakame: 10g
Leeks: 1/4
Water: 600cc
Soup stock on the market (Pack or stock granules):
please follow the guide of the package
Miso: 3 teaspoons

✥Procedure✥(20 minutes)
[1]When wakame is salted, soak it in water to freshen.
Drain water and cut them into 2 cm.

[2]Slice the leeks. 

[3]Boil the soup stock. Make less dense with appropriate much of water.
(Please check the package of soup stock) 
Dilute it a little bit thin, so that you can add miso later.

[4]WWhen the soup stock is boiled, turn it lower medium heat. 
After cutting the tofu drained lightly, add them in the pot. 
In 1 minute, add wakame and dissolve miso immediately, and turn off the fire.

[5]Add the leeks. Pour the miso soup in the bowls.

✍The important point is not to boil ingredients or miso soup for too long.
Miso has various kinds; white miso, red miso, 
mixed miso. Each are chosen in each areas or families.
In addition to wakame and tofu which are used throughout the year, 
you can also use the seasonal ingredients. 
Please try to make a very nutritious miso soup once in a day. 

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