• Origami - Ginkgo tree | 折り紙でいちょう "Ginkgo tree"

    Express Autumn through Origami | 折り紙で秋を表現しよう

Origami - Ginkgo tree | 折り紙でいちょう "Ginkgo tree"
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Course Summary

gunoiejapan is an origami video course that can be enjoyed by everyone internationally.
The ginkgo tree is most beautiful in the autumn. It can be made using yellow coloured Origami papers.
Let’s try origami and increase your skill at it!



今回は秋にぴったりな、 「いちょう "Ginkgo tree" 」を折りました。




Target Audience

  • 日本伝統文化に触れたい方
  • お子様と一緒に楽しみたい方
  • 創造力・集中力を養いたい方
  • People who want to learn about traditional Japanese culture
  • People who want to enjoy activities with their children
  • People who want to develop concentration skills and creativity

Course Requirements

  • 折り紙
  • Origami paper

Course Curriculum

1 Total lesson(s) 1 Video lesson (Length: 03:21)

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